Blair Clark founded Friends Helping Friends Inc., in memory of his best friend and sister, LaNiece Clark. LaNeice fought a long battle against cancer and passed away on February 19th, 2004. She was only 50 years old. 


With Blair being the youngest, LaNiece being the only girl, and only an 18 month difference between them, LaNiece and Blair were playmates, best friends, and each other’s protectors. As children and young adults, they developed a special bond through spending much of their time singing in their local choir and serving their community together. 


After the loss of his sister, Blair found the best way to cope with her passing was to help others in her memory, and continue serving the community as he had always done with her by his side. Hence, Friends Helping Friends was created. 




Since the foundation began in 2004, Friends Helping Friends has helped raised more than $9K for a family in-need of medical treatment for their two daughters. Friends Helping Friends has encouraged the healing process of a sick child through the gift of music. By performing at assisted living homes for the elderly throughout the Indianapolis area, Music Helping Friends is dedicated to encouraging our senior citizens through the healing power of music. For our children, Friends Helpings Friends has raised money for school supplies for Indianapolis children in need.


These are just a few of the thing that Friends Helping Friends Inc., has done in its commitment to assist individuals, organizations and families in need of aid, hope and healing.

Friends Helping Friends looks forward to continuing to help those in need, each and everyday.

Check out our founder, Blair Clark, talk about the history & mission of FHF, Inc.