FHF, Inc. Community Shout-out

Hello Friends!

We're looking for our next individual or family to help! Help us, help others! Know someone in need of aid, hope or healing? Send us a message on Facebook or via e-mail at friendshelpingfriends1(at)gmail(dot)com and tell us their story. We will select one individual or family to assist!

Last year, Friends Helping Friends, Inc. assisted TJ, a seven-year-old boy with autism in need of a service dog to protect, teach and calm him. We are happy to report Friends Helping Friends, Inc. along with the help of our community at the 2015 Friends Helping Friends, Inc. Block Party, were able to give TJ and his family the assistance they needed. To learn more about TJ, visit our Meet TJ here. To learn more about other families Friends Helping Friends, Inc has assisted, view our testimonials page here. To view pictures from the 2015 FHF, Inc. Block Party click here! (We had a great time and can't wait wait for the 2016 FHF, Inc. Block Party - be sure to check out the photographs from the Bub's Burgers - Burger Eating Contest!)

Friends Helping Friends, Inc. is proud to serve as an outlet to help others. If you know someone in need of aid, hope or healing, please let us know their story. We will pick one family or individual to help, as part of our annual FHF, Inc. Community Shout-out.

Friends Helping Friends, Inc. can be reached via our Facebook here, via e-mail at friendshelpingfriendsinc1(at)gmail.com or via phone at 317-703-5555.

Be looking for our next event and, as always, thank you for being a friend!

Signed, Your friends at Friends Helping Friends, Inc.

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